Government Jobs in Sharjah, UAE Electricity & Water Authority (SEWA)

List Of Opening Positions (New Updates)

  • Information Technology Dept
  • Human Resources Dept.
  • Secretary Dept.
  • Purchase Dept.
  • Marketing Dept.
  • Training Dept.
  • Security & Safety Dept.
  • Payroll Dept.
  • Reception Dept.
  • Passports Dept.
  • Finance & Accounting Dept.
  • Zulal Factory Dept.
  • Wasit Power Station Dept.
  • Layyah Power Station Dept.
  • Hamryah Power Station Dept.
  • Audit & Internal Control Dept.
  • Chairman’s Executive Office Dept.
  • Programs Progress Dept.
  • Motivation Dept.
  • Control & Monitoring Dept.
  • Development Dept.
  • Communications Dept.
  • Stores Dept.
  • Electricity Planning Dept.
  • Projects Dept.
  • Generation & Desalination Dept.
  • Transport Dept.
  • Networks Study Dept.
  • Electricity Services Dept.
  • Technical Maintenance Dept.
  • Water Dept.
  • Street Lighting Dept.
  • Natural Gas Dept.
  • Onservation Dept.
  • Customer Care Dept.
  • Electricity & Water Emergency Dept.
  • Customer Care Dept.
  • Mutual Services Dept.

Interested Candidates Can Apply Online, For Applying Online Just Submit Your Cv Through Below Link

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