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Urgent Requirement For A Multinational Company in UAE


Are you seeking an exciting career opportunity in the Gulf? Look no further! Royal Star presents an urgent requirement for a multitude of positions in a renowned multinational company based in the UAE. With client interviews happening soon, this is your golden chance to step into the world of “Gulf Job Ki Duniya” and elevate your professional journey.

Available Jobs:

  • Project Manager
    • Oversee project planning, execution, and completion.
    • Ensure quality control and resource management.
  • Project Control Manager
    • Monitor project activities.
    • Implement control systems to stay on schedule.
  • Contracts Manager
    • Negotiate, oversee, and manage contracts.
    • Ensure legal and contractual compliance.
  • Project Quality Manager
    • Implement quality standards.
    • Monitor project deliverables for quality assurance.
  • Engineering Manager
    • Lead engineering teams.
    • Oversee technical aspects of projects.
  • Procurement Engineer/Manager
    • Manage procurement processes.
    • Ensure cost-effective purchasing decisions.
  • Lead Instrumentation & Control Engineer/Buyer
    • Oversee instrumentation engineering tasks.
    • Manage purchases related to control systems equipment.
  • Sr. Civil Structural Engineer/Process Engineer/Instrumentation/Telecom Engineer/Expeditor/Mechanical/Piping/Electrical Engineer/Planning Engineer
    • Design structural components.
    • Develop process engineering solutions.
    • Handle telecommunication engineering tasks.
    • Expedite project processes efficiently.
    • Manage mechanical, piping, electrical systems.
    • Plan and schedule projects.


Highly competent candidates with design experience are preferred; GCC/Oil & Gas field experience is mandatory, ensuring that only the most skilled professionals will be considered for these roles, ensuring optimal performance in their respective fields.

Application Process:

Interested candidates can email their resumes to jobs@gulf.com or contact us at +91 623851077 / 8071502051 / 7907037951 for immediate consideration. Our recruitment team will promptly evaluate your skills!

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to work with a prestigious multinational company in the UAE – apply today!

Location: 5th Floor, Landmark Enclave, S.A Road, Mumbai

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