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Exploring Job Opportunities in Albania: A Gateway to Growth with International Overseas Resources


Are you a skilled professional looking for an exciting opportunity abroad? Look no further! International Overseas Resources (IOR) is offering a unique chance to work in the beautiful country of Albania. With a range of positions available across various domains, IOR is not just promising a competitive salary but also a host of additional benefits to make your relocation process as smooth as possible.

A World of Opportunities Awaits

Mechanical Engineer – If you have experience in SolidWorks software, there’s a spot for you with a salary ranging from **900 – 1000 USD**.


Flexo Print Operator – Join the team with your expertise and earn between **800 – 900 USD**.

Folder Gluer Operator – Bring your skills to the table and get paid **800 – 900 USD**.

Lathe Machine Operator – Operate with precision and earn **800 – 900 USD**.

Conveyor Machine Operator – Manage the movement with a salary of **750 – 800 USD**.

IOR’s Commitment to Employee Well-being

At IOR, we understand that moving to a new country can be challenging. That’s why we provide:

– A working schedule of 10 hours a day for 26 days a month.

– Free accommodation to ensure a comfortable living experience.

– A generous 75 USD food allowance to cover your daily meals.

– Coverage of ticket expenses including SC and a 400 USD refund after arrival.

Government-Approved and Ready to Assist

IOR is approved by the Government of India, Ministry of External Affairs, ensuring that you are in safe hands. For any inquiries or to start your application process, feel free to reach out at the provided contact numbers or email us at ior_resources@yahoo.in.

Join Our Team and Thrive

Our state-of-the-art machinery and modern technology are operated by skilled professionals who ensure quality and efficiency in every task. At IOR, we value your skills and guarantee professional growth.

Don’t miss this chance to explore a world of opportunities where your skills are appreciated, and your career can soar. Join us at IOR and embark on an adventure that promises both professional and personal fulfillment!

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